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Re: Avatar: Legend of Korra Ep. 5

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
Aang also did train with monks and was probably taught philosophy which gave him a more level head than most people his age and older. So comparing him to Korra isn't really fair. That's not to say that Korra isn't naive or arrogant because she blatantly is. Her judgement is clouded due to attacks being aimed directly at her family. Aang would have probably reacted the same way but he'd quickly realize how wrong he was. Korra has all the positive support she could ask for yet still proceeds to act like a dumbass.
I get what you're saying, but to me... she should be more level-headed. I mean it seems like all that growth during the first season against Amon has completely disappeared. I mean Amon was a great villian, because he put her naivety and arrogance in their place. And this season, after Amon.... all that seems to have gone down the crapper.

On a side note. Bolin seems to be getting cast aside by the rest of the gang, except for Asami. Possibility for a relationship here?
Bolin and the "Avatar Kids' Family Saga" have been the best parts to me so far. Bolin and creepy girl offer some much needed comic relief to the "Korra" moments.

This season has been lacking Aang and old gang flashbacks so far. Needs more.
I get they want this series to be considered good/great on its own, but I'm with you. We need more back-story on a lot of things in this series. I mean, I'm hoping we get quite a bit due to Aang's kids.
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