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Re: Reverse situation...

1. How does Minato tag Hashirama?

2. How does Minato spot the mokuton clones Hashi will make?

3. Minato needs to end this fight as quickly as possible since he has NO hope in hell of outlasting Hashi. How will he finish the fight quickly?

4. How effective will his kunai's be against an opponent who can change the entire terrain at will?

Minato rasengan'd and stabbed in the abdomen, a WEAK imitation of Hashirama's body, and Tobi lived. How will such injuries now be fatal to Hashirama Senju?

5. Do you even realise how INFERIOR and WEAK a Zetsu's body is compared to the SOURCE?

6. Minato fought Obito who did NOT use OR attempt to use, ANY genjutsu in their brief lil skirmish. Their fight was even called ' Battle of speed'. Why do you then intrepret and falsely claim that Minato can counter genjutsu?

7. Using radom quotes is silly. I can quote your god Minato PRAISING Tobirama and saying how 'quick he always acts'. Lol you know exactly the scene I'm talking about as well yet you don't draw any significance in those words, do you? Hypocritical.

8. Why are you making me diss my nigga Minato? I love the guy although I'm a die hard Itachi fanboy. Yet cos of the nonswnse you've being saying, you got me critiquing my second (use to be first) fav character.

The ninja with the greatest speed feat thus far in the manga. Dodging v2 Ay AND counter attack him AND tagging Kb in the SAME motion!! Sick..

But nevertheless, against Hashirama, his speed and ftg simply means he will survive longer than Neji. Lmao.
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