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Re: Naruto 649 Discussion

All you proved is that One Piece is best seller. Meaning more people are willing to cash out on quality manga versus to read shit (Naruto) for free online. Money talks louder than low grade freebies.
Not only that, it's more money for the mangaka (and the publishers, of course), which means a bigger budget for research, art/writing improvement, etc, which a good mangaka should use to improve his/her manga.

Oh and KYF, you really didn't get what I said, did you? As much as you appeal to the popularity of Naruto, you won't ever be able to tell it's better than One Piece or any other manga for that matter. That's because popularity does NOT have a fixed correlation with quality, and many things that are rubbish are as popular as the good stuff and the contrary is also witnessed quite frequently.

So what if Naruto is popular, if it was actually good its quality ratings should be near its popularity ratings, right? But again and again Naruto falls flat in its face when it comes to ratings (and here are the links to the ratings because you either were too stupid, lazy or arrogant to fetch them up):

1) Anime News Networks: #1 in popularity, #357 in quality.

For curiosity's sake, here are the ratings of other manga in the top 100 that I remember being read by members of this forum:
  • #1: Berserk
  • #5: Vinland Saga
  • #7: Akira
  • #9: Fullmetal Alchemist
  • #10: Vagabond
  • #13: Death Note
  • #17: Hajime no Ippo
  • #29: Rurouni Kenshin
  • #76: One Piece
  • #79: Attack on Titan
  • #88: Hunter x Hunter
  • #92: Claymore
  • #96: Liar Game
2) My Anime List: #1 in Popularity, #428 in quality

And the same manga are where...?
  • #1: Berserk
  • #3: Fullmetal Alchemist
  • #6: One Piece
  • #13: Attack on Titan
  • #14: Death Note
  • #15: Vagabond
  • #17: Akira
  • #23: Rurouni Kenshin
  • #27: Vinland Saga
  • #35: Hajime no Ippo
  • #42: Liar Game
  • (Hunter x Hunter and Claymore are strangely missing)

Of course, you only linked things that only showed data about popularity while none on quality, so fantastic job at proving nothing there.

Oh and the sales ones either are cherry-picked as fuck (seriously, KYF, do you think the entire population of the Earth lives in Cuyahoga, Ohio? That'd be the only reasonable answer to link to a single library site where it lists One Piece as a graphic novel, so no shit it didn't appear in the teen manga list...) or work against you: if Naruto is better than One Piece because it has a volume selling better than One Piece's, than damn, Attack on Titan is a lot better than Naruto considering it has 8 volumes selling on the Top Twenty instead of just 1. And are you saying that Bleach is better than Naruto, considering it sold better than Naruto? Oh my, the revelations you got there!
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