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Re: number_off_character_stronger_than_minat o

Actually Minato is pretty much invulnerable to every body posted so far. Minato's FTG technique is an easy cheap kill, no matter how you look at it. He is only tactically vulnerable to a genjustu or when he's attempting a physical attack and that's it. If he can get tricked in to attempting a physical attack that leaves him vulnerable, than he might lose. But any one can technically lose a battle when the opponent has the right strategy, Shikamaru vs Hidan for example. Power means nothing if you can't catch somebody. Just like Flash vs Superman, you either have a stalemate or Flash winning once he discovers Superman's weakness. I don't see any of these characters, unprepped for Minato's techniques, that can block a cheap behind you rasegan out of nowhere except maybe Hashirama and even then that's a stretch considering Minato can start his attack pretty much anywhere and end it pretty much anywhere(like a millimeter behind the opponents back or head). In any unprepped fight, it will be dragged for plot convenience. Even if Madara uses Susanoo, Minato can just be a bitch and teleport away while waiting for susanoo to disappear. All Minato has to do is tag you a he has pretty much won the battle, again this is in an uprepped fight.

I think everyone here is giving their opinion of a prepped battle as oppose to unprepped. Which is disingenuous because anyone can win a battle with enough preparation.

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