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Re: Feng Shen ji 67

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Though his Son returned, I don't think he latched to specifically to Ah Gou. Remember the Son never told his Pops, what happened to my knowledge, so all that happened with him is still secret.
It is a secret and he left off pretty much out of disgust of his father. Ah Gou showed his mistreatment, he showed him true passion and consideration for others. For Ne zha it was a wake up call that he has been a big bitch! Now he roams the world searching for his role model. It would be pretty awesome if he showed up here and put his dad on his ass. Remember he was being impassively instructed on Smelting Aura as well. The whole headless miners angle was quite nice...but Ah Gou preaching he can hear their cries and their pain was a nice touch. He will make them both pay for ever insulting the living and the dead in such a way...
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