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Re: number_off_character_stronger_than_minat o

Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
That depends, I'm not sure if it is obvious to the opponent that they are being tagged. If Hashi know he's been tagged then he should be able to defend himself against any surprise close range attack depending on how quickly Minato uses FTG after he's tagged, then Hashi pretty much wins it if Minato's not a bitch. But the attack is extremely cheap, he can pretend to attack and then disappear and reappear behind your back in 1/10 of a second, not enough time for anyone to come up with a strategy after he's disappeared. Even then once he's tagged thats it, Minato can just wait till Hashi's vulnerable. He'd have to protect himself at all times. So no matter what it's either a stalemate or Minato winning. I can only see Minato being stopped by a genjustu but I don't really see any other attacks getting him, he is still Hokage level after all so its not even that easy to begin with.

Now, Minato is still vulnerable during a close attack unless his clone can use FTG idk, but if Hashi didn't know he was tagged and survived at least one FTG attack, then he might be able to trick Minato in to attacking and kill him and win but again that's if Minato's first FTG attack doesn't work and Minato's not a bitch.
Hashirama has Sage mode. You know, that thing that Naruto used on Pain that allowed him to stop a fucking rhino in its tracks without so much as a scratch? Minato can't hurt him, even if he can get the jump on him with FTG. Hashirama's skills are too far out of Minato's league.

Btw, being "hokage level" is a subjective guide. All "kage level" means is that the person is elected from the strongest of the village. Minato was strongest when he was elected Hokage, but he doesn't have near the strength of Hashirama.

As has been mentioned before, Hashirama treated the nine tails like a puppy. Minato barely managed to seal half of the nine tails away. Hashirama casually noted that the combined chakra of both halves of the nine tails, plus Naruto, plus Minato was equal to his own chakra levels. Minato isn't going to do shit to him.
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