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Re: Naruto 650

Originally Posted by junior3605 View Post
Are we about to see a Madara-like Kyuubi x Susanoo combo? Interesting.

Let's hope Kishi picks up the pace, though. I swear the past 10 chapters could make one anime episode.
def looks like the susanoo covered kyuubi is coming up next. 2nd admitting to Fourth that he can't teleport everyone as he did but he will make his FTG count. Oro and Hurizen's little moment was actually cool. So Sakura can use the 4th step in medical ninjutsu! (not totally useless). Obito using his hashi cells to make dragon heads. (reminds me of Hashi's a bit) Obito using his black material to from Susanoo like arms to absorb their chakra..not a bad chapter..Kakashi get in the game!
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