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One Piece 724

As we already knew Dofla used the Ito Ito fruit to travel on clouds.. Fuji eating while he sends out comets against SH's was funny. Law effortlessly using shambles to turn the comet into the battleship a nice touch. Too bad his stamina is so low that he can't fight long. Telling the rest of the SH crew to head to Zou. Kinemon's group still are at the factory with Franky. They apparently can't destroy it yet. Law planned to go down in this bout but after he brought about the chaos to change the current hierarchy and system that is the WG and how pirates rule. CC is with Nami but Law gave him his heart back? Dofla using five colored strings but also able to turn his strings into piercing flames of heat as his whip easily cut through DR's town building. 13 years ago Dofla did something to Law of which he has planned this entire game of revenge based on. Luffy is still dealing with the blocks in the Colosseum. The army probably hasn't departed from the factory just yet. Also we still have the Dofla family to deal with. As I figured and stated Sanji just wasn't strong enough to battle a warlord just yet. He would of been toast if Law didn't warp. Awesome chapter the pages weren't cleaned that can't wait for MS trans!

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