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Re: Pokemon Origin

Originally Posted by Spiegel View Post
Couldn't agree more. Going off from your Kotaku link, I agree that having a character win battles all the time can get boring and predictable but the same can be said about the opposite. If anything, it would have a worse effect on the character, basically saying "I suck when it really matters."

Mix it up a bit. Having him win more than one tournament (Ash actually did win during the Orange League). Take a page out of the current most popular shonen series in Japan now, One Piece. Luffy doesn't necessarily most of his battles. It took three rounds to beat Crocodile. He ran away from Smoker during the first half since he couldn't lay a finger on him (except during Alabast where he accidentally knocked him through multiple buildings along with Ace. lol) He lost a lot during the Sabaody Archipelago and Marineford arcs yet made a huge comeback in the New World. That is what Ash needs, a situation where he can back a huge comeback as a respectable trainer. Pikachu is his most used Pokemon, we can't have him losing to newbie Pokemon from other regions considering the amount of battling experience he has had since setting off from Pallet Town all those many years ago.
Couldn't agree more, it also sucks that they got rid of Gary so early on in the show. I feel as if Gary kept Ash wanting to fight for more, to become a better trainer. Now I feel as if all Ash does is go around to the new regions and get his ass kicked. Not to mention team rocket's fucking lame ass, they pretty much ruined the show for me. Literally, the exact same shit happens in almost every episode. They should at LEAST do everyone a flavor and introduce some of the other teams like from the manga or from the video games you know? But yeah, Ash needs to win something, at least let him win in this new region, let's not worf pikachu for the millionth time. Pikachu should be like level 100,000 by all the experience he has in all of these regions.
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