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Re: number_off_character_stronger_than_minat o

Hashirama has Sage mode. You know, that thing that Naruto used on Pain that allowed him to stop a fucking rhino in its tracks without so much as a scratch? Minato can't hurt him, even if he can get the jump on him with FTG. Hashirama's skills are too far out of Minato's league.
I may be wrong but to my knowledge, nature energy can increase chakra, strength, speed, sense and defense but not to the point that a rasengan or kunai will bounce off your skull. I don't think anyone, not even KYF, disputes Hashi's strength advantage over Minato. In fact he owns pretty much everyone in the manga in a fight of brute force, only reason Madara lasted so long was because he had Kyuubi and Susanoo. I can only see pain being an actual challenge for him. But Minato is cheap, that's his advantage. Without FTG, Minato is at the level of a non-sharingan kakashi at best, from what I've seen. But with FTG, he own's basically everyone in the Manga.

It is my understanding (I could be wrong) that he can start an attack a mile away, slash the air at full speed and end his attack a millimeter outside you skull if you're tagged. There's practically no defense. For all Hashi's power, speed and experience the fact is if Minato tagged him and got behind him(w/o Hashi knowing he was using FTG), he'd already have a kunai inside Hashi's skull before his nervous system could register there was an attack, much less defend and plan a strategy.

Minato also could have easily killed obito after he Raseganed him with a simple kunai to neck while he was disoriented after the attack or by using a Kunai to the neck to begin with. If that happened the main villain would have been killed and the manga would have been over and Naruto would have grown up just fine. Obviously this wasn't done for plot convenience not because Minato was too weak. Minato could have easily killed Obito even now as the Juubi jink especially since Obito didn't even know he was tagged. Again, not done for plot convenience purposes. Same reason Flash always stands there like a dumbass waiting to get hit in JLU. If he actually used his power all the time, it'd be pretty boring to watch.

Hashirama can spam jutsus for hours and not mention put Minato to sleep.
Again, that might only make sense in a prepped fight. Why would Hashi start off spamming justu if he didn't know about Minato's technique? He'd most likely start off with good old fashioned tajuistu like almost every fight in the manga. And even if he did spam or use a sleep genjustu, Minato can just teleport miles away and go to sleep or wait for him for to stop spamming justu and come back. If Hashi's not tagged, then he wins by Minato's retreat, which is not a definitive win. But if he is tagged then the fight is technically ongoing because he's always within Minato's attack range. He would have to endlessly protect himself to stay alive or trick Minato somehow. It can really go either way once Hashi's tagged and know's of Minato's technique. If he doesn't the edge goes to Minato. Not saying its a definitive win for Minato, just saying he has the edge.

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