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Re: One Piece 724

Awesome Chapter!

Will be interested if the manga starts taking turns following both halves of the crew, or if we will be without the Sunny group for a long time such as when Luffy was on his own for nearly 100 chapters. Hope not, really want the SHs to stay together for the rest of the journey as much as possible.

Second thought, anyone have a translation to what "Ito Ito no mi" would mean? I definitely see the string abilities confirmed, but how does that allow Dfla to connect the strings to clouds so he can fly as the "Sky Demon"? Know Dfla was designed to be similar to a Flamingo in design, but the string abilities almost make me think of him as a spider. Could it instead of being a String ability actually be a spider Zoan type instead? Probably just a shot in the dark, but the string coming out of his hand all Spider-Man style made me think of it.

Anywho, looking forward to Law vs Dfla without Fujitora stepping in. See what Dfla can do and how powerful Law really is, and his past with Dfla.
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