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Re: One Piece 724

Originally Posted by icedraon620 View Post
I'm going to be so pissed if Law gets wiped out in this arc. He's one of the better characters around! Though I'm curious what exactly he means by ending the alliance. Does he think he is going to die or is he ending it so that he doesn't have to deal with Kaidou?

On a side note, the towns people might start to panic seeing that DD destroyed a building and has been fighting another Warlord/Admiral. How have they not seen the meteors though? In any case, CP0 should make another appearance because of this. If Law gets the upper hand, I would not be surprised if they step in.
He means end their alliance as he is about to face dofla and the sh's are headed to Zou without him. His men is near Zou but since dofla cornered him he has to make his last stand here. He didn't want to risk them getting hurt which is why he tried to distract dofla. He only used them to destroy smile and capture cc. This was to bring down kaidou on dofla. I agree luffy may show
Up just to help Law. I do like the idea of both kaidou and big ma'am coming after Luffy and team. This may not be the end of the alliance group. Their just split up right now to really matter.
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