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Re: Feng Shen ji 67

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Watch out though, his old Boss is setting him up for the Dude he was training. At the beginning of the chapter it stated that those the use Asura Smelting abilities are like Quincies in the SS, and just draw it freely from the air. Young Dude he trained is coming out, and because Ah Gou will do something irrational or not necessary, Uncle Zi's coming to his aid to fight the Boss IMHO.
You mean the young Prince? The new Emperor's son? I can see that since they have not shown him since he left the mines... Though for me it would be ideal to save him for the after fact. Have Ne zha join Ah Gou only to his have his royal cousin commit to the chase. Having both Master and Student fall to Ah Gou just doesn't serve any purpose besides making AG the master of SA himself. Uncle Zi needs his own foe, it would demerit AG and UZ if they had to team up to beat a GGod.
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