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Re: Reverse situation...

1). never said that reflexes ALONE win the fight for Obito.. I believe you misuderstood my argument...
But that his superior reflexes plus kamui hax to be able to literally walk right through any Mokuton attack while being able to pop up and suck hashirama into kamuiland before hashi can even react uch less defend himself, to die later in kamuiland.... Is why Tobito will and would beat hashirama...
For one, there's no evidence that Obtio has superior reflexes to Madara. Uchiha in general, especially those who have mastered the base sharingan have superb response times anyway, see Sasuke vs. Naruto II/Part 1. You are also drawing the conclusion about Obito having a superior reflex system to Madara, which has never been an area of interest in the manga. In my opinion, Madara, however, has a superior response time than Obito considering he's had decades more experience with fighting with mastered sharingan.

Also, you realize Obito's Kamui isn't infallible. We've seen it countered by the likes of Konan and Danzou's subordinates. When Obito is pulling himself into and out of the other dimension, there is a brief time window to attack him because he has to solidify, it's not an instantaneous movement, and with someone who has such a wide scale of attack like the 1st, Obito could be caught pulling himself in and out to attack, especially if the 1st is using Sage Mode to sense the whereabouts of Obito. Also, Obito can't just remain intangible indefinitely, there's a time limit and if he wants to play the oh, he can't hit me game, he'll simply run out of chakra much faster than the 1st Hokage would.

2). Madara's reflexes are exactly the same as base/SM hashirama's as proven by all their combat... And yet hashirama ONLY beat madara due to Madara falling for a SNEAK attack wood clone that he had already confirmed he could see through so it was likely set up by madara, thus it was likely a draw in the end... Madara let hashirama think he killed him while stealing hashi's DNA to continue his goal....
No proof whatsoever... You can beat someone who has a faster response time than you. It's called planning ahead and using your surroundings to your advantage. Lee sure as shit was faster than Gaara and had a better response time than Gaara, yet still got his ass beat. And holy crap, you're still holding on to the idea that Madara let the 1st win to fool him? Madara obtaining the 1st's DNA was more or less on the to do list. For example, if my squad was tasked with seizing the enemy's stronghold, best believe in that mission, I'm also attempting to kill any all contact I receive at the base.

3). LAMO, how do you think that the V2 raikage was able to be tracked which even the SG could not do along with being able to activate the FTG in time to avoid his attacks? REFLEXES for gods sakes!!!
I'm not saying reflexes aren't important, I'm saying Minato got his name more because of his space time technique, not his reflexes. He has good ones and he's fast, but he's know more because of his jutsu.

So many of you have no idea how the human body even works... acting like reflexes had nothing to do with Minato's feat of tracking V2 rai's attack and activating the FTG to avoid V2 raikage's attack as well...

Not to mention, Minato was able to physically throw up his Kunai tag to use a level 2 FTG, react to teleport to another tag to move, react to teleport back to the Kunai tag he threw up by raikage, physically move to grab the kunai with both hands then sense KB tentacle coming form behind, physically kick raikage out of the way the dodge the tentacle, tag it then cut it in half so hard it created a small crater in the ground...
Minato's reflexes and foot speed weren't all that was used to get the jump on the Raikage since Minato is also implementing a space time technique, which uses no speed, but the manipulation of the space time continuum. Minato avoided Raikage, with FTG, he got the jump on the Raikage with FTG because of the kunai that was temporarily suspended in the air near Raikage. Do you think Minato could do all of that with his body flicker? No. It's his jutsu that gives him his name.

that V2 Lightning armour raikage can full speed shushin just a couple of feet...
That makes no sense. If you only need to make a short distance movement to evade an attack, why run 50 yards when you only need to move 1 yard? Why waste your energy on unnecessary actions?

Not going to bothered with everything else. My points were that Minato frequently uses FTG and that it is was used to beat Raikage's speed, Minato's foot speed nor his reflexes alone got him the jump on the Raikage, the 1st would slaughter Obito, Obito's reflexes being greater than Madara's is nothing short of an opinion and is an argument that shouldn't have even been introduced.
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