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Re: question_regard_gaara_vs_naruto_fight

Originally Posted by Aman Shahur View Post
gaara not have rasengan for this momend learn a reading sence.........we are talk about chunin exam and stop insult off me unless you want me to get a furious rage for you
Next time you start a vs. thread, if you're meaning for a specific instance in the manga like the chuunin exams, include that in your post or in the title of the thread.

And as far as your statement about plot devices, this manga is practically driven by them. Otherwise, Minato would be the most note-worthy Hokage/shinobi, Gai would probably be better than Kakashi, Sasuke wouldn't get anywhere near the air time that Shino gets (shout out to Shino!!!!), and Orochimaru would arguably be the baddest m'f'er in this story!

And finally, the only person I want having a "furious rage for me (hard on)" would be my wife. So, no thank you.
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