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Re: Reverse situation...

  1. Learn to not multipost when it's clear you don't need to. Along with pathetically increasing the post number, it's an eye sore and it could have been all addressed in a single post.
  2. So it's a strawman if I catch you calling everybody delusional for disagreeing with you, but it's not when you misrepresent my position with opinions? Double standards ahoy, captain!
  3. Wow, you're stupid to confuse an explanation that evokes Occam's Razor with an appeal to popularity. You twat, considering everyone has the same access to the same data, it pretty much comes down to the number of variables (thus Occam's Razor being used): do you honestly think it's more probable having two forums where the majority of posters are douchebags that conspire together just to make fun of you for speaking the truth or that you're simply stupid?
  4. People agree with you? Oh, you mean the other delusional Minatards? For someone crying bias at everyone else for disagreeing with you, you sure are blind to the bias from your own side.
  5. You whine about projection, but funny thing is that I've talked about projection, fallacies and used in various occasions the term "mental gymnastics" months or even years before you caught on. Who's projecting here, Mr. Copycat?
  6. Quote:
    And how many times do I have to tell you I am not trying to change minds, I am well aware that your minds are already made up before I even made my first argument, but I just prove my claims vs you guys just making claims supported by BIASED opinion...
    So our opinions are biased but you admit yourself in the bolded that you have the biased opinion that we already have our minds made up before you make an argument. Irony or hypocrisy? Maybe both
  7. So you don't respect opinions spoken as fact but based on squat but you are happy to make a truckload of arguments from ignorance (specially when you where crusading for Tobi=Shisui)? Again, irony and/or hypocrisy.
  8. You keep talking about how you have evidence and what not, you do realize there's an ocean of difference between using material from the manga and presenting evidence, right? When you actively distort the original purpose of the source material, it's no longer evidence. And guess what, the overwhelming majority of your MS Paint bullshit is taking things out of context, so what's the purpose of posting those giant eye sores if you removed all the chances they had to be actual evidence?
  9. What's the use of trying to defame me if I'm not the one causing unnecessary attrition with a good chunk of not one, but two forums? You should be less preoccupied with blindly attacking people and more with actually find a way to work with them for a more pleasant forum experience.
  10. Quote:
    Seeing a manga panels is hard when it prove my pint
    ... of whiskey, I presume? It'd be a reasonable explanation for why do you think grotesque, crappy MS Paint jobs somehow support your case better. KYF, again, for someone calling others of biased, you show your own bias by assuming people ignore your so called "evidence". They do not, the panels simply fail at being evidence in the first place, so no matter if you allude to them, link to a manga site, post crappy images or send a trojan virus that flashes the panels every 0.03 seconds, they won't do you any good if you misuse them in the first place. So, for our collective sake, STOP POSTING THE GODDAMN CRAPPY MS PAINT JOBS, THEY'RE EYE SORES. If you want to post attempts at evidence, simply link it, it'll suffice.
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