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Re: number_off_character_stronger_than_minat o

Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
You can lol all you want, the fact is Hashi can never actually hurt Minato if he chooses to be a bitch, which is not a definitive win. Just like how no one could actually beat Tobi, because he was a such a bitch. It was this quality that made him such a threat, his style rendering power almost useless.

You do realize Hashi's head can be pierced quite easily with a simple Kunai, right? If Minato end's up behind him with a kunai a millimeter behind his head, Hashi's finished period. Now whether or not Minato can surprise Hashi with a FTG attack this way in an unprepped battle is debatable, obviously most people say no he can not. But my argument has only been that if he did, Hashi would be finished. This can not be denied. Again the Kunai would actually be in his head before his nervous system registered that attack, much less plan a defensive strategy now that he knows he's dealing with FTG.
You say that the kunai would already be in his head before his nervous system registered it, but how far deep in his head, and how fast would he be able to react once it is registered? We do not know. But what we do know is that Hashi can make wood come straight out of his body, maybe in time to prevent the kunai from killing him. And we also know that he could heal himself like brand new once he removed whatever portion of the kunai entered his head. I would bet that Kishi would agree that Minato would not just appear behind the god of shinobi, stab him, and then the fight would be over.

And with Hashi now knowing that Minato can use S/T techniques, even if he was not fast enough to react to it, who is to say that he would not give himself a wood shield and allow his wood to chase, attack, and defeat Minato just like Gaara gave himself a sand shield and allowed his sand to chase, attack, and defeat Rock Lee? If your opponent is too fast for you, then defense is a necessity. Hashi has all the potential to make his wood strong enough that neither Minato's kunai nor rasengan could pierce.
Minato keeps trying until he has used up so much chakra that he is now no faster than anyone else, including the 1st Hokage's wood, which can come from anywhereout of his body and the ground, and then Minato is killed.

Think of it like this. Kakashi was not fast enough to physically move out of the way of Sasuke's Susanoo arrows, but he was fast enough to activate his MS, something that is not even natural to him and consumes a great deal of his chakra, to suck in Susanoo's arrow. I expect that the 1st Hokage would be able to react just as fast if not faster with his wood than Kakashi did with his MS even if the Hashi is not physically fast enough to defend himself from Minato. And Minato's strike speed does not seem amazing, considering he could not stab the Raikage in the back before Killa B's tentacle was able to knock Rai out of the way and take the blow instead.

As far as if Minato wants to be a bitch, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Hashi's wood abilities, as displayed by Zetsu, I believe, allow him to sense people over great distances? If I am correct, Minato's bitch ass would be found and stabbed or grabbed and crushed by wood coming out of the ground while Hashi is still miles away at the battlefield from which Minato just fled.
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