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Re: number_off_character_stronger_than_minat o

Originally Posted by Alastor View Post
First off, my only argument has been that if Hashirama is tagged, he has to avoid Minato materializing behind him with a rasengan or kunai a millimeter away from the back of his head. For some reason every one keeps comparing Minato to Hashi's power. It has already been conceded that Hashi is more powerful. Power is completely and utterly irrelevant if you end up in this situation...thats the point. A 1000 hands megazord or even 10 juubi's will not save you in this situation.

You said he can spam justus for hours(presumably this would be in fight) if you were referring to stamina, then how exactly is stamina going to save Hashi if he has a kunai millimeter away from the back his neck(which has been my argument)?

You said he can put Minato to sleep. Obviously I was saying that if Minato feels himself falling asleep, he can just teleport miles away and sleep if he can't break the genjustu.

You can lol all you want, the fact is Hashi can never actually hurt Minato if he chooses to be a bitch, which is not a definitive win. Just like how no one could actually beat Tobi, because he was a such a bitch. It was this quality that made him such a threat, his style rendering power almost useless.

You do realize Hashi's head can be pierced quite easily with a simple Kunai, right? If Minato end's up behind him with a kunai a millimeter behind his head, Hashi's finished period. Now whether or not Minato can surprise Hashi with a FTG attack this way in an unprepped battle is debatable, obviously most people say no he can not. But my argument has only been that if he did, Hashi would be finished. This can not be denied. Again the Kunai would actually be in his head before his nervous system registered that attack, much less plan a defensive strategy now that he knows he's dealing with FTG.

As I said before, if Minato can surprise(meaning Hashi doesn't know he can do it yet) Hashi with a FTG attack this way, he wins. That little knife and rasengan will kill Hashi easily if applied to the back of his head. That's the point.

What the author says is completely irrelevant in this kind of situation. The author simply adjust the story to fit his imagination and the direction he wants the story to go. Meaning he can make characters do stupid things(armodillos for example which is stupid even by Naruto standards), not use full power or make up rules to so the story can progress the way the author wishes. For example, how the hell did obito survive boulder on his head and how the hell can he use Juubi's powers with such expertise without any training as jink. Minato also could have easily killed Obito but died trying to to progress the story. Then entire bleach manga was created around this principle. There are many examples of characters becoming uncharacteristic for story progression purposes. When imagining particular battles w/o that bias, the author's labels can easily be overridden. In particular, cheap kills are now allowed.
Not hating, but since Madara stated he's the only shinobi that could see through his Wood Clone style with his sharingan, so how could he ever know? Super Uber Obito ran into the clone at the beginning, and missed Harashirma. Since he's started no ones even come in range of even scratching Hara once. Plus Obito has already surpassed Minatos speed, that's why he has no arm. Edo Madara hasn't even had one opportunity to harm Hara, but Minato can? To each they're own, just doesn't sit as logical. All his living life shinobi from his era who's obviously stronger IMHO, had the same opportunity to kunai stab him in the head, it never happened... That's saying something.

On another note, just watched the anime this week, Veng you're correct, 1 on 1 Madara without Rinnengan/Hara's DNA from the past would've prolly died to Kabuto... it took 2 elite level sharingan to stop him. Just hitting him means nothing, he turns liquid like Suigetsu, and his jutsu almost ended both of these Uchiha's within they're Susanno's. With Sage Mode and all his enhancements, he's a fucking monster. I'd put him above Obito until he became the 10 Tail Jink. Just my take.

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