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Re: Plotholes and other instances Kishi has yet (and probably will not) explain

Originally Posted by ninjalostboy95 View Post
Actually the Madara thing could have been madara we have no idea when he died.
Possible, yes. Probable, I seriously doubt it. I mean, I remember just about 99.7% of us griping about all of these when Kishi gave us the Obito flashbacks.

My point with this thread is that for the past year (for a lot of people, a lot longer than that), Kishi has been rehashing themes and actual events instead of tying up loose ends (nice way to kill someone... Yamato... and just leave him the "f" alone in a tree... did anyone see that foreshadowing???). There are so many more, just going on Obito's flashback of the chuunin exams alone. I mean hell, at least it seems that Kubo is trying to explain a few things with Bleach, no matter what atrocious level that story is at.

I'm taking my time with OP, because I know how long the story already is, and I'm afraid that that story (which a lot of you have built up) will decline as well. I'm seeing declines in Claymore and SnK. Head honchos at publishing companies don't understand that the quality of the material they've put out has seriously declined. Translation sites say help the publishers by buying the actual content. I'm not going to shell out any money for something that is declining in quality unless it holds unbelievable sentimental value.
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