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Re: Plotholes and other instances Kishi has yet (and probably will not) explain

Kabuto not continuously using Deidara C0 explosion but instead sending him to fight hand to hand combat. Deidara is literally a walking nuke and probably the strongest Edo in the manga cause of that ability.
Combine that with the infinite chakra edos get and Kabuto wouldn't need anyone else to win this war.

Not to mention the microscopic C4 explosions would completely annihilate the allied forces.

Both Madara and Tobi have the rinnegan and thus access to "all mighty push" and pull techniques that would seem to be very helpful against a large group of enemies. They never use it.


How did Kakashi get his MS again?


Apparently Minato and other edos right now can all "run out of chakra". This wasn't the case earlier was it? During the Kages vs Madara fight, im pretty sure it was said that Madara had infinite charka supply because he was an edo.

But a few chapters ago Minato exhausted what should of been an infinite amount of stamina and chakra.

________________________________________ _____

How the fuck is Naruto still fighting?

1- healing the entire shinobi forces
2- supplying them with part of his kyuubi chakra.
3- Got part of his chakra sucked out by the tree.
4- Has used countless "high resource" justsus.


These are the only plotholes I can think of right now, Im sure I'll think of more later on.
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