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Talking Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Originally Posted by andreyyy View Post
yo Narut0360 im sorryy to say this but the last 2 chapter of your fanfic are HORRIBLE ( im sorry man) ..Jean isnt a proper name for Naruto manga and you did 2 chapters of nothing man...absolutely nothing..IM SORRY TO SAY THIS MAN ...( just my opinion )
First off thanks for checking the site!!

Now you say nothing happened in the last two chapters?...

In The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 20- The Hidden Truths, i show what people wanted to see with what happened with Naruto and the Elders with his banishment... & in The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 21- The Wait, was suppose to be a transitional Chapter but have not had much time to continue it lately....It was also to show comparison between the Leaf Village and the Whirl Pool Village and how differently they treat him. One Village does not say Good bye, while the other even on the brink of war will stop everything to welcome him back Home. so i wouldn't say nothing happened.

Lastly you hate my Name choice for one of my Characters, that is your prerogative, However i was paying homage to one of my favorite anime series "Samurai Champloo" and one of the Main Characters was Named Jean or sometimes Jin

Check out the 3min clip

And i will most likely name a different character Mugen as well.
Because that show was awesome!!
Check out my Fanfiction from the very Beginning on page "37" in Naruto Fan Fiction Thread and it continues on pages "47,49,57,61,62,63,70,71,72"

Thank You and Enjoy
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