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Re: Reverse situation...

If you want to KNOW what it takes just to TOUCH Minato... Look at his arm now... It took the freaking Juubi JINK sage fo six paths Obito most powerful shinobi ever in V2 perfect mode who is easily>>hashirama, plus a Failed Kunai defense that left his arm out there to be removed too...
Bullshit of the smelliest kind. Minato did NOT fight 98% of the strongest shinobi's in Konoha much less the shinobi world. So saying it took Juubito to touch him is a moot and illogical point. Its so cheap of you to claim, only Juubito level can touch Minato. Who did Minato fight again before his revival? Ay, Kb, Tobi and Kuruma. Ay failed to touch him, Kb was ready to strike if Minato made a move. Tobi touched him on 2 ocassions but lost in the battle of speed. Kuruma rapes Minato.

So save your nonsense about it takes only Juubito to touch Minato. It actually takes only YOU to touch him since your so jealousy of others coming near your man.

Minato stands NO chance against Juubito. None whatsoever. Oh oh but he'll just ftg to another country. Lol. Hashirama on the other hand, has the one thing that can hurt Juubito, Senjutsu. Hashi's SM is CLEARLY the strongest we've seen of SM, coupled with his 9 tails level of chakra (scan readily available lol) and regenerative powers, he CAN at least fight and hold his own against Juubito. What the fuck can Minato do to Juubito? Ftg away, yeah Ftg away, sing it with me, Ftg away..

Not even Juubi JINK sage of six paths's V1 imperfect mode could TOUCH Minato or his kage bushin. V1 Juubito used a super speed spin kick sneak attack and minato and his clone bruhed it right off while busy focusing on using the new jutsu too, so they were off guard, but still easyli blocked the attack meanwhile the same level of speed owned, tobirama, hashi clone, hiruzen, EMS susanoo sasuke and Kyuubi power naruto...

Is that what you've being seeing of this battle so far? My god what is wrong with you? Minato HIMSELF NOT A CLONE, had his arm severed, injured, MORE than all the people you mentioned. Yet you wanna mock the fact that a Tobirama and Hashi CLONE got hit! Lol your a funny one. Seriously, Tobirama has being SHITTING on Minato in this battle thus far. Lol, too many scans to show so let me just use this one.

OMFG, Minato stabbed, while putting his hand over the chest to break the contract with the Kyuubi at the same time, Tobito=tobi hashirama clone body covering Obito with his own half hashirama clone body, thus a DOUBLE hashirama clone body which has far greater durability then hashirama on his own who was going to commit suicide with a MERE Kunai for god sakes despite having the same ability as "strength of 100 jutsu" which is AUTOMATIC healing...
Ignoring this infant like tantrum and rationale. I mean anyone who claims 2 Zetsu's equals stronger durability than the SOURCE they were harvested from, cannot be taken seriously.

And you think that zetsu clone's are WEAK compared to the real hashirama... Maybe in power and ability to use mokuton, but in strength and durability, a zetsu clone is very strong as proven by one taking not one, but two point blank sakura level punches and not being that hurt yet you think thye are weak...

Lmaooo. No Zetsu's are very strong indeed. Hence why the fooder alliance army was killing them with ease. And of course, if Sakura punched Hahsi twice, he would be obliterated from existence..

1). yea...
:Raikage counters tsukuyomi of the MS with speed too against sasuke...
: Minato is moving around so much, so fast that being able to track him much less control his chakra and nervou system is impossible which is why the ONLY time Raikage wa shit with an illusion was after he was first distanced by tsunade then grabbed up and immobilized by susanoo so he could not move away with his speed.. then hit with the illusion...

Again wtf? Minato does NOT move and zig zag everywhere like v2 Ay can do. Minato is so EASY to track hence why at NO stage against Obito, did the sharingan fail to track him. It was Ftg the sharingan couldn't see or predict. And btw, the second Ay went v2, Sasuke countered with blaze release(cos his susanoo was so weak at the time) thereby nullfying Ay's superior speed.

2). Minato has the ability to teleport miles away at the reflex of V2 raikage speed or by simply thinking about it meaning he can break the control over his nervous system and chakra by teleporting to another location, breaking the illusion itself...

That's IF he even realises he's in an illusion, or did that lil bit of information escape your notice? Minato has ZERO feats of genjutsu and far superior people in that department have being trapped by it. To wank and say Minato will teleport so he can never be caught in one, is the usual nonsense you would say.

Can you see my point or is this still too hard for you??
Not even god can see your point.

I call BULLSHIT!!! Hashirama is celalry your favorite character otherwise you would not actually think he could beat someone he CANNOT EVEN TOUCH OR KEEP FROM TOUCHING HIM, which is all it takes for Minato to beat most any enemy too...
You call everything that is not pro Minato bullshit so no surprise here. Your logic is probably the funniest I've read on any forum and the absolite belief you jave in your bullshit posts. I mean, Minato's not even the Flash yet you think his speed is godly. How the hell can Minato touch Hashi when he has to tag him first or have a kunai next to him? Lol but of course he will have a kunai next to Hashi and bang, game over. You child. And believe what you want about my fav characters. Its no biggie to me.

FACT 2: ALL Minato has to do is TOUCH hashirama or throw a Kunai tag right by hashirama with the help of many kage bushin to blitz him with a Kunai and defeats him due to the FACT that hia automatic healing is limited to organ damage as shown by his suicide...

Right. This is the same Minato who NEEDED people to THROW his kunai's for him in all directions so that he can blitz some fodder platoon.

Hmmm, why didn't he just summon his 'many kage bushins' rofll, and have them throw the kunai's instead? Why Kyf didn't Minato display this ability of 'many kage bushins throwing kunai's' at ANY stage in his life?
And why do you assume you number 1 fanboy, that Hashi will just stand there and get blitz by KUNAI'S

FACT 3: Minato can sense just as well as tobirama with his finger on the ground jutsu which was able to tell the difference between a real shinobi and kage bushin,, thus wood bushin who are weaker the KBs will be ever easier to tell the difference from... thus no effective use of kage bushin...

Lmao. So Tobirama who is a TRUE sensor, able to know the composition of a person just by looking at them, is on the same level of sensing as Minato who copies his finger sensing jutsu.

God, last time I debated with someone as noobish and illogical like yourself, was a guy called Zulkuss on NF. Wait, is that you Zulky? He argued with me that Minato did not dodge v2 Ay despite Ay HIMSELF saying it and the scans and showing it. You make Zulkuss sound like a genius when I read your shit. Lol so Minato will constantly use his finger sensing abilities to discern the multiple mokuton clones Hashi will produce right? And this tactic is actually gonna work well in the midst of a BATTLE?

FACT 4: If for some magica reaosn that Minato is actually in trouble and in need of fire power and numbers.... Minato can use his FTG level 1 to touch somehting that is touching hashiram like a wood jutsu, weapon, ect... then teleport hashi and himself to Mt Myobokuzan to have ALL the many boss summons and sage frogs to take on hashirama as well as minato.
Lmaoo. You take talking bs to new heights. In a way I'm impressed man. You are definitely in a league of your own.

And lets face it... 5 senjutsu using boss summons, shima and fukasaku with frog song plus higher level sage jutsu and all the other frogs their plus Minato would utterly rape hashirama...
Roflll. The Kyuubi will solo all the toads in existence yet to Hashirama, him along with the other 8 BIJUU'S, were mere pets to the STRONGEST shinobi since the Sage and his 2 sons.

I'll end with a pic of your god Minato, awe struck by the power of Hashirama's chakra, and the terror and sheer magnitude it.
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