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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 530: Allies

Scene opens up high upon a rooftop somewhere overlooking soul society. The 6 members of the the Zero squad are all there. Three of them are still unconscious with Shizen heavily bandaged. Wairudo and the other two members of Zero squad stand around them. They are all still fully masked apart from Shizen whose mask lies broken next to her.

Wairudo: Shizen is still in critical condition but I think she should be able to pull through. What is the condition of the other two Zenmaru?
Zenmaru: I’m not too sure, they seem like they’ve just been knocked out but they have been unconscious for quite some time.
Wairudo: hmmm, fine, we’ll leave them here for the moment. They should be secure enough this far away whilst we-

Suddenly far below four massive explosions occur simultaneously. Pillars of reiatsu rise high into the Sky from each location. The explosions are soo large that they can be seen clearly from where the zero squad are standing.

Zero Squad: ?!!!
Zenmaru: what the-
Wairudo: so it seems the rest of them aren’t wasting anytime.
Zenmaru: what do you mean?
Wairudo: Mine and your perception isn’t as good as Ginrei’s, especially at this distance. He noticed 4 other similar presences from where that other one was fighting.
Ginrei: They left just before the fight, I believe their intent is to draw us out and face off with us here.
Wairudo: I doubt it’s their intent
Ginrei: indeed, Bach probably just wishes to keep us from joining the fight in Hueco Mundo and use up any energy fighting here before he comes.
Wairudo: Either way he forces our hand, we can’t leave them be here, left unchecked they could reduce everything to dust.
Zenmaru: There’s only three of us at the moment, we’ll have to leave the fourth one to whoever finishes first.
Ginrei: Unless they decide to join in on one of the other battles.
Wairudo:… No it seems like that won’t be necessary, one of them has already been engaged.
Wairudo: Go, don’t waste any time in wiping them out.

Zenmaru flash steps away, however both Wairudo and Ginrei stay where they are. Wairudo turns his head slightly to look towards Ginrei.

Wairudo: So you’re staying then Ginrei
Wairudo: Do you plan on defending him?
Ginrei: I would never ask you to break the rules captain.
Wairudo:… No… you wouldn’t would you, fine I’ll hear what he has to say.
Ginrei: Thank you.

Suddenly Byakuya flash steps before the both of them. He’s facing away from them and is down on one knee. He is holding a person in either arm. He rises and begins to turn around. As he turns you see that the person in his right arm is Hanatoro, as he turns around fully you see that the other person in his left arm is Orihime. He lets go of both of them letting them stand on their own. They both look a little worried and unsure looking around as if wondering where they are.

Wairudo: The human girl?!
Wairudo: …So that’s how you’ve managed to rise so quickly from your deathbed. How did you bring here here? All exits in and out are being watched, it would be impossible for her to come through one of them unscathed!
Ginrei: I think I may be able to answer that question.
Ginrei: Since I am no longer the head of the Kuchiki clan I am no longer bound by the rules forbidding the mention of a small private portal located deep within the Kuchiki Mansion which leads to the human world. It can only be used by the clan head or with the permission of the clan head and only in great need.
Wairudo: I obvious as your intentions are, out of respect for Ginrei I have decided to hear what you have to say. Hurry up and say what you have to say so that we can clean up your mess.

Byakuya looks at Wairudo for a moment, he then takes a step forwad and gets down on one knee bowing his head in front of Wairudo.

Byakuya: Captain Wairudo of the Zero Squad, I have come seeking your permission to perform Harakiri.

Scene Change to Ryuken

Ryuken stands amongst the rubble of the battlegroundwith a cigarette in his mouth. Dust and smoke still trail the air from the battle.

Ryuken: (refusing to use your hollow powers to the end, I’ll give you this much, you at least fought with the heart of a Quincy).

Uryuu appears a little way off looking at the destruction around him.

Ryuken: I thought I told you to go.
Uryuu:…I wasn’t sure if you would be ok…I didn’t think that you would win so easily.
Ryuken: You’ll realise it yourself once you fight them, they’re nothing more than grunts.
Uryuu: How can you say that?!! These grunts took down the whole of soul society!!
Ryuken: After they neutralised their bankai!
Ryuken: Their tactics and battle strategy may have been perfect but do you think it would have been that easy for them if the captains could have utilised their bankai?
Ryuken: in terms of battle experience and skill alone this one would not have even made it into the espada.
Uryuu: …well if this is all they’re capable of then why do you look so worried? This means we stand a better chance of defeating them.
Ryuken: no…it doesn’t.

Ryuken suddenly senses something and looks off into the distance.

Ryuken: damn, he’s already started.
Uryuu: Do you think he’s going to be ok on his own?
Ryuken:…he’s not had to fight for quite some time so he’s still pretty rusty. Hurry up and find the medallion amongst that charred rubble so we can go and help him.

Scene change to Byakuya

Wairudo stares down at the kneeling Kuchiki Byakuya in surprise and shock.

Wairudo: What the hell are you talking about?!
Byakuya: Thus far all that I have done is to have brought disgrace the Kuchiki name.
Byakuya: I as the head of the house was unable to protect them from the enemy and even allowed Senbonzakura to be stolen…all I have done so far is to shame and disgrace the name of house Kuchiki…and now you have left me with no other option but to disgrace it further therefore-
Wairudo: I have?!!
Byakuya: You as the Zero squad now stand as highest ranking authority within soul society.
Byakuya: You have forbidden us to engage the enemy under any circumstance, you have ordered us to go away and hide and let you deal with this
Byakuya: I may not be able wipe away the shame I’ve brought to the Kuchiki name but I am now unable to try and atone for it as well. If I attempt fight the enemy and recover Senbonzakura I will be disobeying orders and acting as a rebel no better than the vermin attacking us and shaming the Kuchiki clan further… and if I cower behind your protection after all this…

Wairudo stares down at Byakuya, his face now no longer surprised but hard and stern.

Wairudo: So… you would rather I grant you an easy way out by allowing you a honourable death or do you foolishly believe that this pathetic act will make me change my mind and let you fight!

Byakuya stays silent and still still kneeling and head bowed in front of Wairudo. Ginrei takes a few steps forward and now stands to one side of Wairudo.

Ginrei: Captain, please do not mistake the intentions of the man bowed before you.
Wairudo: hmph
Ginrei: Please look carefully captain, look carefully at the man who has his head bowed and kneels there.
Ginrei: The man pleading before you is not a captain of the Gotei 13.
Wairudo:? What do you-
Ginrei: Kneeling, pleading before you is the 28th head of the Kuchiki clan, Kuchiki Byakuya.

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

Aizen: Let eternity itself be scarred! *Hado 90: Kurohitsugi, Hado: 97: Sekei no dibaida!!*

Around ichigo’s prison on all sides the blackish purple boxes of energy rise. They do not touch his prison but are no more than a foot away as they rise up from all four sides covering it completely. You see Ichigo looking impassively up towards Aizen as they finally envelope the last few inches .
Aizen turns sideways slightly bringing his left arm forward, he extends it moving it away from the rest of his body, aiming it straight down towards where Ichigo was. His arm is beginning glow blue, the intensity increasing by the second until his arm can no longer be distinguished. Energy bursts out like raging torrent from his shoulder area shooting backwards, the blinding energy surrounding his arm begins to swirl travelling down towards his hands and forming into a point. Below him Kurohitsugi is stretching and contracting as it distorts the time and space inside itself. Aizen’s arm sways as the energy builds into that small point, the effort clearly showing on his face as he struggles to control it. With a great roar he tries to bring it back into line as laser beam shoots out striking the ground about 15 feet away from Kurohitsugi. It moves towards it, meeting not in the centre but to one side, slicing through it in one single effortless sweep. The whole of Kurohitsugi explodes in one momentous burst of energy bigger than anything we’ve seen before. Everyone around it jumps as far away as possible as the energy expels itself rushing outwards in every direction. The only person still stationary is Aizen who is high above it looking completely drained. As the wave of energy surrounds him and carries him away with it you see that his left arm is completely gone all the way up to the shoulder.
Joushiro appears a safe distance away from the explosion.

Jousiro: Ichigo!

Ichigo also appears next to him looking a little singed but relatively unhurt.
Joushiro: !! Ichigo, how did you manage to-
Ichigo: We had an idea as to what he was planning so waited for the crack to appear in Sankt Zwinger Kui to instantly flash step out of there. How about Kyoraku san he-

Kyoraku appears beside them at that moment. His clothes look battered and torn and he has a few cuts but still seems ok.


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