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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by 01purple View Post
The fuck, Neji is dead? How did he die?
Of all things, a wooden spike projectile.

I can't believe this garbage has extended to over 600 chapters. Aren't Naruto and Saucy sauce like, best friends again or something?
Well, they are currently tag-teaming Tobito, the juubi jinchuuriki, while edo-Hashirama, and the remaining alliance forces try to cut a big @$$ tree down. Yes, I said that right, they are trying to cut a m'f'n tree down.

I don't hate myself enough to ever finish it. XD I've gotten back into Western comic books and started reading Watchmen. Manga is kind of losing it's flavor, due to the fact that everything to come out in the last three years has been...ugh.
I continue to read just to see how it will actually end (at times, there are some sh!tz and gigglez moments). But I've really gotten into Feng Shen Ji. Just look it up and try it out. I seriously doubt that you will be let down.
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