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Re: Plotholes and other instances Kishi has yet (and probably will not) explain

Im bored I think I can answer some of these.

- "That jutsu" (Naruto did not have the seal key at the time)
He was obviously referring to letting his emotions run wild and relying on the kyubi cloak. If you remember clearly from the start of shippudden all the way till naruto started training for the rasenshuriken, there was an emphasis on the dangers of letting the kyubi cloak run wild. The more powerful the cloak got the more destructive it got until it was a danger to everyone whether it be friend or foe. That is why both Jiraiya, Kakashi, and Yamoto all told naruto repeatedly not to rely on the kyubi chakra.

- Madara loitering around the battlefield
Considering how many clones that Hashirama has put on the battlefield, Madara is probably busy taking them out one at a time. After all even a simple clone of Hashirama is a far more serious threat than most of the other fighters in the ninja alliance with the exception of naruto.

- Whereabouts of Shukaku (1-tail) during the bijuu reunion
What did all those edo jinks that Obito summon all have in common? Bodies. The reason shukaku wasn't summoned was because shukaku's original host is still alive. Without a body to inhabit, shukaku is little more than a large mass of chakra. Each of the bodies of edo jinks also contained the bijuu which is why when it came time for gedo maza to absorbe them again it grabbed the bodies of the jinks which also happened to be where the bijuu resided.

- Whatever happened to Hinata's supposedly more talented sister?
Considering how particularly young she was at the time we last saw her she would barely be a genin fresh out of the academy. I think the reason we haven't seen her is the same reason we have not seen konohamaru on the battlefield. The younger genin are protecting the village in case anyone decides to sneak attack the hidden leaf village.
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