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Re: Naruto_646

Originally Posted by 4th Hokage View Post
It was revealed long ago that Masashi Kishimoto is a Christian so this was no surprise to me that he incorporates it into the Manga.

I too am I Christian but there is many unanswered questions about it and we can go on and on with those . I also know that the Bible is a book not yet set in stone and it has been changed so much to fit times over the years.
I'm not religious and I don't care Kishi bundled together different points of different religions in his story. What goes for me is that some points of many the different religions are similar in a way or can be interpreted as the same and might even add to the "real true" for all I care, problem here is simple it just comes out of the blue and doesn't fit in.
It's only human to contradict yourself.

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