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Re: Reverse situation...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
SO? But you ignore that the 2 tomoe SG allowed sasuke to easily see Lee's movements due to the SG able to read fast movement's, However, he did not have the reflexes to react to physically do anything to block, dodge or counter those movements even though he saw them coming clear as day...

Because SG does not increase reflexes!!! It is merely increased perception to see those movements while the reflexes of the Central Nervous system are what allow the Sg user to actually physically react to block, avoid or counter...

Quit ignoring this obvious confirmation of my cliams:
LMAO!!! Do you even read the panels you post.

"Even if you can read my movements with your eyes, your body does not have the SPEED to react to my taijutsu". Not reflexes. Speed!!!

This had been canon sense early part 1 that SG does not increase reflexes, Only the ability to see fast movements...
You do even understand what reflexes are? I'm starting to doubt it.

Basically it the same principle of a computers BIOS (Basic Input Output System) operations, in that it is a measurement on how fast you can take in sensory information from the 5 senses (INPUT), process that info, and then give your body a command to react (OUTPUT).

The actual rate of reactions are controlled by these 3 basic steps, and is generally even in most people. Some people do however have certain ways of speeding up one or more steps. The SG for example can increase the INPUT of information into the body, while people like Lee and Raikage funnel chakra to their muscles to increase the rate of OUTPUT.

While the 2 tomoe SG offers a significant increase in INPUT, Lee's physical speed OUTPUT was much more developed at that time. After a month of training with Kakashi in Taijustu (As I have previously linked several times), he was able to raise his speed immensely, giving him a greater overall advantage which Lee himself acknowledged.

No! sauske lacked the reflexes to react, thus activate his muscles to KEEP UP... You still do not understand the correlation between physical speed and reflexes...

OMFG, where do you THINK that PHYSICAL SPEED comes from? Magic? No! From the reflexes of the central nervous system activate muscles to move at such high speed's geez!!!
I'm going to address both these statements to together since they are very much related.

First of all, Sasuke could initially see Lee's attacks coming before he even activated the sharingan. He actually dodged the first one and put up a block for the second. The only reason the block failed was because Lee channeled chakra through his body to make it faster and stronger as you can see him doing here, and also here as well (sasuke even noticed it).

So in a nutshell, yes physical speed comes from magic. Or more precisely from the influx of chakra into the body to push it past it's normal boundaries.


LMFAO, in your deluded world, Manga panel LINKS>>>>>>>>>>>>Manga panels shown directly.... Wow, your a fucking genius!!!

And the cropping of MANGA PANELS is only to show the relevant part/s of that page instead of wasting room by posting the whole page that has no relevance to the argument...
And the CIRCLING of dialogue or other things is to bring attention to the what I a trying to show...

I mean, What kind of fucking utter duncetard actually believes that the Use of Manga panel LINKS to support their claims is a better and more credible way to support thier claims then the DIRECT showing of the manga panel/s itself, sometimes cropped to show ONLY the relevant panel of the page or even circled to show what I am trying to bring attention to, all to show directly, not indirectly through a LINK, the support of my claims...

So pretty much, you think LINKING a manga panel which has to clicked on, then read through to find the relevant statement or FEAT to support your claim is a better and more credible form of "claim support" then just seeing right before your eyes because i post the panels directly without use of spoiler tags so they can be seen as simple as looking at them, without having to click on anything, or read through irrelevant other panels.

Nothing but just the relevant manga panel/s with the statement/s or FEAT/s that supports my claims, there to SUPPORT MY CLAIMS!

And that Forrest Gump, is how it SHOULD be done... Yet you are so pathetic, drawing at straws so small that you try to discredit my evidence/manga panel/s support because I use direct posting of my Panel/s, even cropping out the panel that is relevant to post directly and even circling something in the panel to bring attention to what I am trying to point out...

LMAO, you act like I make up these panels I use when they are the exact same ones in your LINK (the MANGA), but I just make the process of reading the panel/s more efficient by posting the Panel/s of the LINk directly.
So quit your "My manga panel/s in the form of LINKS are superior to your manga panel/s directly posted in the form of IMAGES to be viewed directly without the need to click on LINK, then wade through irrelevant panels until I find the one that supports the cliam, ect."

It just shows how delusional you can be to believe that the same panel/s presented in two different ways can make one much less credible then another
This just shows how arrogant you are and how much disregard you have for the intelligence of the average person here. It only takes a few seconds to read the average manga page and find that information for themselves, and possibly to further read the chapter to see what led to the panel in question, in the proper CONTEXT.

Since you've already said you have no intention of trying to pursuade me, Kael, Num, and a few others here, then I can only assume you are doing this for the sake of other members here. If I were in their shoes I would feel insulted at the thought that you don't believe they have the intellectual capacity to read and comprehend this manga without having you spoon feed them with highlighted and circled manga panels....How rude of you.

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