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Re: One Piece 725

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Holy shit!

That has to be X Drake on the cover wasting Caribou's crew. Did Oda just confirm that he works for Kaidou with a cover page ?

Good chapter overall. Law vs Dfla gets started, most of block D is skipped, sneaky Violet and funny Bart.

Rebecca's fighting style cements her connection to the legendary gladiator. She doesn't get hit and doesn't wound her enemies, directly anyway.

Locking up continent splitting Chinjao was a huge mistake. The Old man is going to go ape shit.

Def could be drake but being the new world could just be some random Dinosaur. Though with everything pointing to Kaidou this could be Oda's clever way of setting up the arc after Dofla. It would seem that way since every foe damn near to fuck with Caribou or his crew has been henchmen of Kaidou's. I agree as I said before that she has some connections to Ricky or whatever his name was. Being that Don is sitting on earth/ground his power would not help them IMO.
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