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Re: Naruto651

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
OT: I can't believe I didn't comment on Kishimoto pretty much shitting on the Rookies by making them mere extensions of Naruto. As if they weren't background props already...

I don't really see how they could be in the story at this point unless they learned some sort of sage mode. Only Senjutsu Chakra hurt Obito with the 10 tails armor so they can ether get a power up from naruto and kurama or go off and read a book cuz their attacks wont do a thing without the senjutsu upgrade naruto is passing their way.

Should be glad kishi got them involved it could be just naruto and sasuke fighting obito at this point cuz we all know the fight is pretty much out of their league at this point. They are pretty much Krillin at a Super-Sayian level fight, they might get lucky and get in a sucka punch but in the end they are worthless combat wise . Even the kage level ninja are out classed at this point so the only hope of them getting non-cheerleader roles in the story is for them to get a power up. Would you rather they just be on the sidelines shouting Go Naruto! or panels showing the inner thoughts of the various leaf females thinking to themselves how how handsome sasuke has become?
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