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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Two wrongs don't make a right. Kishimoto already failed with them by making them lag behind (when they weren't pretty stagnant, like Tenten, Rock Lee, Kiba and Shino), but isn't by painting Naruto over them that it'll somehow fix what is broken, by the contrary, only breaks those characters even further.

So yes, I would prefer them to be at the sidelines instead of being robbed of their characterization but what I actually would like even more that they actually were relevant to the power level of the fight itself to justify their inclusion.


Been against Jinx as a support, she's not that hard to catch up. Maybe it's a difference experience for other ADC's, but hey, I can only speak from experience. The only thing I know is that her Q is a bitch to lane against, the rest is standard stuff.

Yeah, Corki is pretty much the proof on how Trinity Force's rework made it too good, because nobody picked Corki before because his itemization was lackluster. Hell, even Poppy who nobody gave a crap about is popping up more and being the single most annoying champion in ARAM. Yes, more than Teemo, MUCH MORE.
hnnn yes i agree for the first paragraph word a word....... kichi just ticking box before manga end now.

make tenten relevance check
give rock lee nijutsu check
sasuke naruto fusion check

honestly this manga remind me off sonic heroes game for the final stage where knuckle and tail get random super sonic to............ kichi must be like "it not really make sence but i am do this anyway to fit for the main theme off this manga friendship and teamwork" same as sonic heroes

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