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Re: Naruto651

In a dark room, a man is seen sitting at a drawing table with a single lamp burning, shining it's light on the man's artwork. He takes his cigarette out of his mouth, blows smoke into the air and sighs.

Man: Dammit. How am I going to do this? He only has nine f'n tails. If I keep her useless... I mean supporting the alliance by aiding Tsunade, I still have to do something with one more of the Konoha 12. Why the hell did I add Sai again?

The man takes a long drag on his cigarette, and holds the smoke in before blowing it out through his nostrils. He then grabs a piece of paper, scribbling names on it. He then begins tear the paper into pieces, dropping each one into an empty coffee mug. He shakes the mug around several times, then reaches in and withdraws a single piece of paper. He opens it and sighs.

Man: Well Neji, it's time for you to die. That is until I have you resurrected.

This is honestly how I believe that Kishi chose to kill off Neji.

Seriously, ok chapter, 2.5/5. It was nice to see Shino get some panel-time.
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