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Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
On Topic: j_H: Kishimoto killed Neji for NaruHina to have a moment. Which I find even sadder than getting the shortest straw.
The precourse for my notion was that Kishi had storyline A done, got to this point, realized he needed to kill of someone, picked Neji, rewrote to storyline B, adding the NaruHina moment.

Seriously, best part of the chapter was having Sakura in a "supportive" role.

With that said, I have a newfound hope for the manga. We all know that Sasuke and Naruto are to be Madara and Hashirama v 2.0... so I'm hoping we're about to get a battle royale so to speak of those four, the old generation vs. the new generation.

Have you started reading FSJ yet?

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