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Re: Naruto651

Once the Konoha 11 (now, minus Sakura instead of Sasuke) reunited on top of the Kurama/Susanoo hybrid, I got "Started From The Bottom" by Drake stuck in my head.

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Make it so the cloaks give them sage chakra since continuity in this manga went out the window a long time ago anyway.
Not sure if you actually meant it this way, but Kishi actually did give them sage chakra too. That's how they broke the shield.

Originally Posted by jeanericuser View Post
As for the DNA sword, I think I understand why it failed. The sword was manifested through the juubi's chakra but so was the shield. When the shield was overwhelmed it disrupted the strength of the sword making it weak enough that its density was not enough to deflect an attack from naruto/sasuke.
It wasn't that complicated.

"His passion and intensity permeate throughout the blade... you could say... the blade carries his very essence."

Therefore, it's only natural that it would fail Obito against Naruto. Kishi basically pulled the Goku/Captain Ginyu bodyswitch fiasco where Ginyu couldn't properly wield Goku's power initially because he was evil.
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