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Re: Naruto651

If cool-looking artwork saved manga, Bleach wouldn't be in the black hole it's in.

@ LOL convo: While I see Jinx rocking out Season 4, Lucian will need the meta to shift considerably in the ADC scenario in order to do the same. I don't know about the NA server, but in the EUW he became extinct in 3 weeks after his release because he simply doesn't scale as well as other ADC's and is too dependent on his passive and ultimate to do a proper job.

About supports, I have to say that Zilean and Lee Sin support are my favorites, even if I play more with more traditional supports such as Sona, Janna and Leona. Zilean and Lee Sin so much fun when they are used as counterpicks and it's almost a sin people are so iffy about them.

@ KYF:
Accurate my ass... All you do is bitch about the manga no natter how good it is... (...) Gee, I wonder why you think good chapters suck... Your dumb ass has programmed yourself to believe it...
Funny how you completely ignore the many instances where I said a chapter of Naruto is good (the beginning of Madara's flashback comes to mind). This chapter a good one is not, so I won't say it is something it isn't.

What crap characterization or action???
Oh please, do tell me how good are overlaying the protagonist onto other characters and introducing a power just to crap all over it in the very same chapter.

1). You assume it is a DNA strand just because that is what it looks similar too... Dumb ass, WHERE was it said to be in the shape of an actual DNA strand?
Wow, you're stupid. You have to fucking blind to not connect that shape to the DNA strand, specially when it has the goddamn representation bases bond between the helices of the strand that distinguishes it from being a simple double helix.

2). Who cares if it is named after a Spear, in this story it is a sword, but shaped to be either one... Apparently you do not know what an ADAPTATION is....
  1. Adaptation =/= deterioration.
  2. When I alluded to the misnomer, it wasn't about nitpicking the supposed adaptation, it was rather to point out the information you clearly missed when you drooled all over it like a rabid fanboy when it's not even that good of a concept.
3). HOW is it's hype PLAIN Illogical? It is said to of created the world... But could not of possibly actually did that... thus, there is clearly a different meaning to the statement meaning you took that ambiguous statement LITERALLY like you do so many other things... So the ONLY illogical hype here is your ability to interpret something simple, accurately....

Please do tell me how to interpret it then, oh-so wise one! Because this:

It clearly could not of created the actual world, but the NINJA world is another story...

Is WRONG. Kishimoto went out of his way to state that it was Kaguya, not Hagoromo nor this pitiful excuse of a sword, who created this chakra-filled reality with the Juubi phantom haunting behind, so Obito can't possibly refer to the current reality as the "created world". So what is it, then? Please, do tell me.

And if we are discussing preconceived notions, you should really abandon yours that anything Kishimoto touches is gold by default. He can write well for some chapters, but lately he rarely does so, by the contrary.
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