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Re: Naruto651

Originally Posted by MrBIG View Post
I'm just wondering when this Naruto vs Sasuke fight (rematch) is going to happen?

Kishi has foreshadowed the shit about it for so long and if it doesn't happen it would mean that countless chapters have literally gone to waste.

Tobi predicted the fight when he talked to Naruto, claiming it was destiny.
Naruto predicted that he and Sasuke would die the next time they fought eachother


There's literally only two matchups I care about in this manga:
Naruto vs Sasuke
Hashimara vs Madara

and by the looks of things (since Madara has seemingly disappeared), none of those fights are gunna go down.

Shit for all we know Obito may die and Madara would need Sasuke to control and be born anew. For all we know he may control him and force Naruto to fight Sasuke or hell he will become Sasuke through some sort of conscious switch. Naruto could fight Sasuke over the title Hokage. Naruto could fight Sasuke over the treatment of the bijuu's after the war. This is Kishi, so the reason they will fight can be anything from a-z. Right now though their fight is seemingly pointless. If Kishi would of had them fight prior to both of them entering the war or even have them fight prior to the final stage/setting this ending would make more sense.
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