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Re: Naruto651

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
1). Where did I say anything about his creative writing, or flawless chapter/s??? You just making shit up as usual because you have to delude yourself that I actually say and believe things I do not just to rationalize your utter douchery of a post...

2). The biggest delusion is that you and the other idiots do not like naruto, thus kishi's writing yet you are here time and time, reading it and discussing it... day after day... That is not the behavior of someone who dislikes this story as much as you fools claim to...

Kishi's writing is good, not great, but good... So good that even though a bunch of r-tards like yourself and the other fools dislike it so much, yet still show up time and time again to read spoilers, new chapters and discuss... here every damn day to discuss something they do not even like...

I call BS because what you fools say and what you fools do are two different things...
I used to like this series, a lot. Hell, that's the reason why I started coming to Naruto Lounge, to talk about Naruto. But I can't really ignore the rapid diminish in quality. I kept reading in the hopes that Kishi would get his act together and go back to how he was writing back in part 1 but I can't gave up on that silly thought when Naruto was made into Jesus, absurd amount of homosexual undertones between Naruto and Sasuke, and nail on the coffin, when all the awesome character where reduced to shit supports and hype devices for Naruto.

I mean, come the fuck on, look at this chapter. Naruto's academy classmates, completely uses since a little before half-way of Part 2, are now tools for Naruto to use to wield his rasengan. I'm sure if Kishi wanted too he'd resurrect Jiraiya and have Naruto transform into a springboard to jump off of.

I know what I'm reading and I'm not definitely not blind to Kishi's shit like some raging fanboy. I actually enjoy quality stories and I will bitch about Naruto as much as I want given the time I've invested, which are years by the way. So yeah, I'll read whatever I want because fuck you that's why.
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