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Originally Posted by Rasenganja View Post
You guys do hate on this manga a lot but, it's true Kishi has done a shitty job of writing his own story as if he does not respect the growth of his characters or history. This manga was so rushed so many great fights that could have been capitalized on flashbacks alone but, were lackluster. The combat stinks there is no more logic to how power ups are acquired and spammed watching nary to split that waterfall was the shit it was growth and not just golden kyubii juice.
This is why there is so much "hate". There was so much potential for this story. Hell, Kishi could have kept it simple and still done a lot more detail work with the "small things" i.e. flashbacks, story retcon, explanations... He doesn't have to go all Num's level to explain crap (Num does get into the nitty gritty details with his fanfic works) ... just explain it, other than friendship, bonds, and Kurama juice.

For example, the alliance defeat the edos, at least the ones except for the previous kages, the kages defeat the previous kages, the edo-kages defeat the Zetsu clones, the matchup of Obito & Madara against Naruto, Sasuke, Bee, Kakashi, and the edo-kages... just something than Naruto being needed every time, but still a knuckle-headed ignoramus.
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