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Re: Naruto651

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
So you recognize the characterization of the two kids and building up their co-dream together as not dragging out the plot, but you dismiss the characterization of naruto's validation from the entire ninja world which is what has been being set up since part 1... as dragging as opposed to justified...
Not only you are equivocated since Naruto's characterization sought validation of Konoha, not the entire ninja world, the Invasion of Pain arc, specially 450, ARE that validation. Everything done after that was simply beating the dead horse, thus dragging and pandering when unneeded.

And although I think the validation was taken a little too far out,
A little? Try 200 chapters too far, which, unless you failed basic math, is pretty close to a third of the manga thus far. Buy hey, at least you admit it, you're not as blind as I thought.

it has been the entire series setting it up
No, not really. This whole Naruto seeking world peace shenanigan only started at the 400 chapter mark.

Wow, you said "Protagonist" which sasuke is one now, as a main hero like naruto in this war... so wow, your stupid for not even knowing the meaning of the word you used....
pro·tag·o·nist (pr-tg-nst)n.1. The main character in a drama or other literary work.
The manga is named Naruto, not "The Bijuu Adventures of Naruto & Sasuke", so fuck off. You're clearly confusing protagonist with primary character.

And how is using the help of comrades as opposed to relying on himself/clones to use the rasengans which is the wisdom that itachi gave him... Overlaying of the protagonist?
Wow, you're stupid. You were so close to the answer but missed it altogether, so I'll ask you just so you find it: what was the freaking difference between what the rookies did and what a clone could have done?

wow, your projecting again, telling me I am rationalizing when the manga explained clearly why the sword failed for Obito against naruto... But, you cherry pick to conform info to fit what you want to, or already do believe as usual so enough trying to argue with a republican...

If you cannot understand why the sword failed no matter how hyped it is, then you are clearly just whining that kishi did not make the sword's level to your preference... proving yet again you are just a whining baby!
Kind of hard being a Republican without even being American, don't you think, KYF? Perhaps next time you should actually try to accuse me of something that actually makes sense for once.

And you really don't understand, do you? You think I give any fucks on how powerful the sword is to be whining about that? I'm not the easily amused fantard you are, KYF, to give a shit about something as innocuous as that. Are you really that dumb to not understand that I'm arguing about the futility of the sword itself, that it was completely unnecessary to introduce it given the circumstances and it was discarded before even given the chance of actually justifying its introduction?

The issue at hand is writing waste, not power levels or something flimsy like that.

Playing the "I make a random claim" game again huh... I do not even know WTF you are referring to... Thanks for showing no actual evidence of anything other then your Incompetence...
Oh, me thinks KYF has an hard time remembering stuff! Do you not remember at all of a whole thread you spent trying to prove dragons in Naruto were fire-based and frogs were water-based for some bullshit theory you had about Kabuto and Sasuke during their fight? Perhaps a quick look on the search function would revive that decrepit memory of yours.

You see, I missed the part where I said it "did not look like DNA". I even called the sword DNA-like... SO all your doing is straw maning your ass off as usual while crying about an adaptation not being to your preference...

In other words B-O-O-H-O-O..... It looks like DNA, but is not exactly like DNA, Wahhhhhhhhhhhoooooooo!!!! Fucking baby!
KYF, you are aware you can have the cake and eat it too, right? You can't say it looks like DNA to you and then criticize me for doing the exact same thing. So, really, what's your fucking point, retard? Or you're bitching just for bitching's sake?

Wrong, when you bitch about the adaptation of one magic sword, but not the other despite that both being just as adaptive for the story, and not very accurate at all... Your just being BIAS

So again prove my claims... You make it too easy...
You are incredibly stupid to think things are all-or-nothing, that if one says something about a concept s/he must say the same thing about similar concepts. No, KYF, it doesn't work that way, one is perfectly capable of criticizing one adaptation and not criticizing another adaptation as long the justifications are valid and don't contradict each other.

But if the original sword is about literal creation then wouldn't that make the comment that "this sowrd CREATED the current world" make sense that you seem to not find any despite knowing this...
wow, and you say I am cherry picking...
Are you serious? Are you fucking serious to say that shit with a straight face? Are you really that retarded to not compute what's wrong with the claim? Why make an half-assed adaptation just to make it both useless and nonsensical? Perhaps you know of this better than me, considering you love doing half-assed jobs of extrapolating stuff, so please, do explain.

And kaguya had one son who passed chakra and created the ninja world which is the topic, you are just using a red herring argument about all chakra coming from kaguya when it actually originated form the god tree... as an argument that haragomo did not create the ninja world...
Now Kaguya being the first human harnessing chakra, therefore the origin of ninjutsu and shinobi, is red herring argument? Dude, do you even know what a fucking red herring is to spout such nonsense? Hint: it's not a fish.

I never said a chapter when Kishi was clearly getting trolling minato, was bad, Only that Minato was being trolled hard...
Well, you're not making your case of recognizing bad chapters any better by saying that, you know?

And when you cannot recognize it as it really is and try to tell me I am just fanboying over minato... despite the fact...
Despite the fact you're crying a river over Minato being oh-so trolled when other characters were much, much more trolled? No, you Minato fanboy, Minato is not even close to being the most trolled character of this manga (and before you yet again whine like a bitch because of your lack of reading comprehension, Minato was trolled). You want characters that were trolled to hell and back? Try:
  • Hayate: Had to be substituted in the only role he had due to a case of severe off-panel death.
  • Yuugao: Kishimoto hints that she'll confront Baki to avenge Hayate, is MIA ever since chapter 139.
  • Hanabi: One of characters involved in the Hinata-Neji feud, poof'd out of existence ever since Part II began
  • Deidara: Not only he failed to kill Sasuke due to the mother of all asspulls, was the biggest asset of the Edo army due to his C4 and C0 and is one of the first being disabled. The character with the best of opportunities to dramatically change the plot, accomplished nothing at all.
  • Hidan: Not even Kishimoto is sure if he's still alive or not.
  • Kisame: The longest run on Akatsuki and not even worth of an Edo Tensei.
  • Danzou: Kishimoto hints he had the capacity of controlling the Kyuubi, drops him dead before furthering that plot point. Furthermore, a perfectly good plot was wasted with him and a possible Konoha internal conflict.
  • Sakura: Poor girl, she was the load of the team for pretty much all of Part I despite being advertised as equal as the other two, her Genjutsu prowess was as quickly alluded as it was quickly forgotten. She has the Sasori fight, a glimpse of hope for Sakura to actually match Naruto and Sasuke... nope, back to her load status and emphasis on fangirl and cry no jutsu. Oh she has Tsunade's seal and is kicking ass... for a couple of panels, back to the kitchen with her.
  • Orochimaru: He is the true king of being trolled in this manga. Hiruzen drops a bridge on him, Tsunade drops a bridge on him, Naruto drops a bridge on him, Sasuke drops enough bridges on him he consumes him, he comes back just for Itachi to drop a fuckton of bridges on him, comes back once more just to be out of character.
Please, do tell me how Minato was trolled as hard as these characters to warrant the "waaaaaaaah, Minato was the most trolled character evah, waaaaaaaaaah!!!"? Someone call the waaaaaaambulance, a fanboy is whiny!
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