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Re: Fairy Tail 356

Originally Posted by Buck09 View Post
I dont think Doranbolt will join Fairy Tail, say that the council is done for after this attack, there going to need to rebuild it. Most likely Doranbolt being quite high up would be assigned there and probably be in the role of the council member who sticks up for Fairy Tail.

But thats a wait and see, I just hope a few survived, wont be happy if all them did.

Think there is a chance we will see the Strongest 4 Wizard Saints making a move this chapter ?
Oh man this arc def will have the wizard saints of the top four! It's kinda like Bleach with SS crumbled after Yama's death the Zero Squad showed up to help fix the order. After having the Council easily crushed it would make sense to re build it but Cobra wants his team released. That is the bargain for spilling the beans. Maybe his team joins with Doranbolt (spl) and proceeds as a temp council. All nine gates being actual Zeref demons means exactly as it sounds someone summoned them and they are working to free their Master. Zeref is free isn't he? So they aren't working to help him so E N D must be the most powerful demon from the book. Silver being an ice demon slayer I am curious as to what Hiro will do with that power once the good guys beat him. Will Natsu becomes a ice /fire ds or will Gray be upgraded to ice magic ds level?
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