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Re: One Piece 725

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
Rebecca equals Strawhat, but somethings going on with all these Princesses with earth shattering power, or weapons themselves... Broad in Alabasta, Big Mermaid, now this Broad Rebecca. I started putting some puzzle pieces together after the Fishman Island Arc, ViVi is a Weapon as well, in Alabasta, she just don't know it. Rebecca may follow suit.
Yeah i posted a little bit ago about how it seems Oda is following a pattern with his Princesses. Rebecca could wield some sort of power but it seems nothing compared to anything like Princess Shirahoshi (spl) who thus far has a power unlike any. Poseidon.... I think Rebecca spells Sh's but only as a honorary member. She like Vivi has to get her country back in order.
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