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Re: Reverse situation...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Minato fan my ass... You do not even support the guy in the least... if you did, I would not have to argue for the guy so much...

You do not even support his reflex/physical speed feat vs the V2 lightning armour raikage... I call BS fan claim...
Dude, Minato is my most favorite character in this story, because to relate this group to DC, Minato is Batman, and Batman is my favorite character in the DC universe.

Have you not realized that the vast majority of people who "debate" with you do it just to get a "rise" out of you. And you give it away so easily.

If we do not acknowledge this war arc and all the fallacies and shatting that has happened to roughly 99% of the characters, before that the top three shinobi were Hashirama, Madara, and Minato. And the first two have hax power-ups. Then throw in this war arc, Kishi had to give some relevance to Tobirama (which was at the expense of Minato).

I mean for Pete's sake, do you not remember when Jiraiya was one of the more formidable shinobi in this story?! Kishi would probably have Konohamru beat an edo-Jiraiya right now.
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