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Re: Reverse situation...

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
did you not see the raikage go flying forward after minato pretty much standing on his back.... Point is, the tentacle did not hit rai so how else could he have gone flying forward like he did... Minato kicked him using him as a spring board to dodge the tentacle attack and counter it...

Not to mention, the tentacle was hit with a single kunai strike after being tagged meaning the tentacle did not just knock the raikage out of the way and put itself in his position because minato obviously proved he knew he was striking the tentacle by tagging it then cutting it with one hand after he was going to use a double kunai strike to rai's spine to get through his lightning armour...

SO your interpretation makes no sense...
Neither of Minato's legs were in a kicking position, and they were pretty much as they were before the tentacle attacked. Minato was actually gripping the kunai in his right hand the entire time, and his left hand was just placed on top of the kunai to assist in driving it through Rai's back. When then tentacle knocked Rai out of the way, Minato used that left hand to tag the tentacle and kept using the right hand to stab. I don't feel like looking for the page, but I am pretty sure that what I said is what it shows.

And my interpretation makes perfect sense. Killa B was trying to save his brother from being stabbed. Killa B knocked Rai out of the way and was struck with the blow and tagged. Rai apologized to Killa B, and Minato was led to believe he knew Killa B's values from that move. If you still disagree, which I know you will, post the page and red-circle Minato's kick and dodge.
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