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Naruto with the help of the Alliance Party establishes a tug of war over the bijuu chakra. Naruto is able to get out all but Hachibi and 1 Tail of which Gaara and Bee assist. Obito if successful will only have the shell of the Juubi as his power source and the tree he will be unable to control. Naruto goes further by entering Obito's mind as a fellow jink and tells him by reassuring him his life could of been different. Naruto is attempting to make Obito regret his decision. Not only that he wants Obito to remember who he was before all the hate. He literally ripped off the mask now he symbolically wants to strip Obito of his dark lost self and bring back the kid who used to have dreams of being Hokage. Not bad..... So we all thought Naruto would become the next Sage due to the bijuu chakra he was given. Seems Kishi used that situation only to have a way for Naruto to weaken Obito and cut their connected chains from him.

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