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Re: naruto_652

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Chapter was ok. Not gonna lie, totally digging Naruto's last page facial expression. SOSP rebirth this way is much better. Rainbow speech upcoming. We all know Obito is done for the moment Naruto entered his mind.

All hope now falls on Madara who is defeating Hashi at this moment. The only villain speech no jutsu won't work on.

It gonna go down like this: Hashi in Madara, HashiDara vs The Alliance.
It wasn't a bad chapter also IMO...To me it wasn't all got kinda rainbowy lol when he entered his mind but it wasn't all come hug me man! Naruto is serious about breaking the mask off of Obito. If he could do anything for a former Leaf nin it would helping him recover his former self. We all thought Sage rebirth was coming so to have Kishi use the chakra of the bijuu's to cut Obito off from his power source was smart. Now he can't use the tree or the Juubi's full power if the chakras are sealed. I also agree..that last panel with Naruto looked cool. Also as we can tell this isn't the climax of the story...we are about to be blessed with a true Villain.

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