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Re: naruto_652

Madara was testing his powers once he was summoned by Muu. He then continued to test his combined might against the Kages. Then he headed to the battlefield after curb stomping them. Once he entered the battlefield Obito made the threat that he needed Obito to be brought back to life. After Madara let Obito lead with the Juubi he continued to observe Obito's resolve. Once Obito failed Madara took lead to force his revival. Then he felt he friend/foes chakra and got excited about what he had been telling the one brings a threat like Hashirama. Once Hashi arrived Madara brought the fight to him. Made Hashi focus only on him. It may seem fanboyish but to me he was kinda showing Hashi that he has changed. Madara wasn't focused on the war front once he started battling it out with Hashi. He even told Hashi's clone that he doesn't have time for fakes. He told Hashi that they were dead and they shouldn't care about the world as it stands now. He couldn't jump in the fray once Obito became the Juubi's jink due to the fact his power wasn't enough. Now he is fighting with Hashi to hinder Obito useless so he can ascend to a higher level. Yeah he has worn the "I don't give a fuck hat." though he has been a serious force since his introduction.

Originally Posted by Senkradlol View Post
I'm putting all my faith in when Obito get's converted Madara takes over and does his plan that he said he was going to do.

I couldn't be bothered to remember exactly what he said he was going to do.
He said he would absorb Hashi and use his sage mode to deal with Obito..Then allow his Moons Eye Plan to go through...

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