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Re: naruto_652

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Gee, more bitching even with a great outcome, with logical circumstances not an ass pull and V for the alliance over Juubito, not just naruto beating him which would have been ridiculous...

What is so wrong with this chapter?
: Naruto used the help of the entire alliance at once to de-power Juubito for what is looking like a victory for the alliance... again naruto heads itachi's words about not trying to do everything yourself and relying on those you seek validation from...
: Obito's feelings we thought he no longer had, but he has been holding down deep are being brought out for the inevitable side change for obito which was set up for the past 50 fucking chapters straight...
: kishi expresses how Obito's mask is metaphorical and will not come off by force like happened literally like what happened to his physical mask 52 chapters ago...
: Best thing is the chakra of the other bijuu was used to link to Juubito's to take away his power and not just make naruto some OP character who is still too dumb to possibly survive without the power...
But this was not mentioned...

Literally the ONLY thing wrong with this chapter which I still wonder why no one else noticed... Minato magically regained consciousness and his kyuubi chakra as well as base chakra since last time we saw him, he was out of Kyuubi and base chakra, which should have been impossible as an edo and was for some reason immobile and unable to do anything to the point he was looking comatose and used as a tool by freaking tobirama...

the only thing kishi has done wrong is the shit treatment of Minato...
Kinda admire his tenacity. Takes a lot of effort to like this shit.
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