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Originally Posted by AOTKorby View Post
While this is a rainbow-lovin good time we're gonna have here, I'd be interested to see if Kishi can actually make this at least thematically suck less. While Obito being yet another "what if Nardo wuz evil" is bad and dumb, if Kishi can make something of Naruto confronting that yet fucking again I'd be interested to see it unfold. Gaara was the first one to make Naruto really question what his purpose was, Pain made him question how to achieve his purpose (which inexplicably changed but nothing can change the NINJA JESUS path now). If Naruto faces what he could have been once again and actually has the answer he couldn't give to Pain (and it isn't just FUCKING FRIENDSHIP, like an actual answer), that'd actually not be too ragingly shitty storytelling. Still gonna be a lot of rainbow bullshit drowning out whatever decent there'd be though.
I gotta disagree with you completely here. The entire f'n premise behind part II has been Naruto's seeking for "real, true" peace. Another way of re-wording it is his journey for perfection. I honestly think the answer is going to be it can't be found. There is too much individualism, that to bring about the perfect shinobi world would the dissolvement of any and all individualism. That's why Naruto's answer is going to be (if it isn't already) the continued attempt to find peace. Make new friends, and keep the old ones. All that gooey, mushy crap. So when Naruto confronts Obito, Madara, and possibly Sasuke (maybe Orochimaru), his answer will be friendship. Why? Do you really expect Naruto, the #1 knuckle-headed ninja of Konohagakure, to go all intellectually philosophical? I mean talk about asspulls, I can understand the hax powerups, because this is a story about ninjas controlling the elements to a degree. But to have a guy go from Rodney Dangerfield no respect to freaking Aseop and Confucius.
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