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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Bleach 531: The Lines Drawn:

Scene Opens up in outer Hueco Mundo

As far as the eye can see all you can see are hollows, menos , arrancar and Quincy foot soldiers. The army is so huge and are so thickly pressed together that it is difficult to see the ground between them even as they move. You view them from high above in the air, looking down on them and you see hundreds upon hundreds of them as you pan around. They are all focused and heading in one direction, directly beneath you. As you look down you see, close to one side of the immense palace, most of the captains fighting. They’re all roughly in one large area around 50ft wide fending off against the onslaught of the army. They seem to be pushed having to dodge and counter multiple attacks but though some seemed to be fatigued and have a few scratches none seem seriously hurt. You see Nemu, carrying Kurotsuchi Mayuri’s released sword, flitting between captains and enemies slashing at them and then disappearing, her victims collapsing or standing paralysed until they are cut down by the captains or mowed down by the troops rushing in from behind them. As you look even closer you see that the oncoming army seem to be slashing thin air or their own troops a lot more than striking at the captains. As you look back into the air you see Shinji and Kurotsuchi Mayuri hovering in the air. Shinji has sword released and is spinning it around with his hand. Mayuri seens to just be standing there next to him doing nothing. Flash stepping around them are the other Vaizard captains in their hollow forms taking out all enemies that attack them.

Shinji (smiling): Doesn’t this seem a little too easy Mayuri? I mean where are those guys that took our Bankai’s?
Shinji: Where not even being pushed here, what is Bach trying to do, wear us out?
Shinji:…?! Hey 2nd place you’re taking it a little too easy aren’t you? Letting your vice captain do all the work whilst you just watch the show, you could at least make some conversation?!

A vein on Mayuri’s forehead throbs as he turns to look at him.

Mayuri: 2nd place?
Shinji (Grinning): Well you’d never beat Kisuke in a beauty contest now would you heh.

Mayuri’s expression sours even further, he looks down towards the ground.

Mayuri: Nemu, get up here!

A moment later Nemu appears beside them panting and sweating all over. Mayuri takes back his sword and hands her two bottles.

Mayuri: Use these now and don’t get injured, I don’t have time to waste healing you.
Namu: yes mayuri sama

Nemu disappears heading back towards the battle, Shinji whistles a low shrill whistle.

Shinji: You are a slave driver aren’t you or is that you just like seeing her glistening like that.
Mayuri: Huh, do you really wish to have your life taken by me?
Shinji: fine fine, but can you explain what the hell is going on here because something doesn’t seem right.
Mayuri: In fact everything would seem perfectly normal if you had a little more brain cells to use.
Shinji: What?! We’re bloody wiping them out down there and we’re not even trying! How is that normal in this situation?!
Mayuri: (sighs) we have been unable to leave Hueco Mundo since the moment we arrived.
Mayuri: when the portal we came through closed that wasn’t by my action, the connection was somehow cut off. Since then I have been trying to connect a portal to Soul Society but have been unable to do so.
Mayuri: Something or someone is destroying the connections I am trying to make to form a portal which means we are stuck here indefinitely. Therefore if you presume that Bach’s plan was to wear us down before he killed us or to trap us here whilst he destroyed soul society-
Mayuri: then you could say everything is going exactly as he planned.

Scene change to Ichigo

Ichigo stands hovering in the air as the mist clears. His eyes are focused on Halibel as she stands in front of Bach protecting him. Around them, inside what is left of the torn up palace, numerous hollows and arrancar appear.

Ichigo: what are you doing?
Ichigo: I said what are you doing standing there?
Halibel: Why the hell are you helping him?!!!

Ichigo’s shout rings out echoing across the room. Halibel finally looks up and meets his eyes.

Ichigo: Have you not seen what he has done here, what they do to hollows.
Bach: Precisely Kursoaki Ichigo, precisely. It is for that very reason she stands there between you and me.

Bach begins to move away from Halibel coming into direct line of sight with Ichigo.

Bach: What else would you expect a monarch to do when being faced with extinction.
Joushiro: Extinction? Is that really a possibility for you to suggest this early on.

Bach glances towards Joushirou and Shunsui and chuckles.

Bach: That is only because you are being naïve enough to think you understand the current situation.
Bach: Let me ask you, how is it that you came to know of our existence.
Bach: Because we chose to reveal ourselves. We revealed ourselves to Kurosaki Ichigo and to Yamamoto. You may have also noticed the loss of all the hollows killed in Hueco Mundo and even guessed who might have been responsible but you would not have been sure. If we had wanted we could have exterminated every single Hollow in Hueco Mundo before you even realised.
Bach: Even if you had acted fast, if we had so wished, we could have stopped you from coming into Hueco Mundo the same way that we are now stopping you from leaving it.
Joushiro/Shunsui: ?!!
Ichigo:…so why haven’t you

Bach turns to look at ichigo once more as he speaks.

Ichigo: That has been your plan all along hasn’t it, to merge all 3 worlds into one? So why didn’t you just do that straight away or was it that you first wished to take revenge on the shinigami.
Bach: Things change over time and 1000 years of thinking changes a lot of things. It will surprise you to know I don’t hate the shinigami, though I was disappointed with them, nor do I wish revenge on them.
Bach: After all who wishes revenge on the sword, revenge is for the hand that wields it! Yamamoto and the shinigami stopped being warriors once they began listening to the soul king. I was disappointed that they changed from honourable warriors to mindless tools but I did not hate them. They are only being eradicated now because they are an obstacle to my final objective.
Ichigo: You mean the soul king.
Bach: Yes! It is he who I will have revenge on for what he has done to the Quincy and it is his mantle I will take and use to rule the new world.

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