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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread


Bach walks back over to the side of Halibel and places his hand on her shoulder.

Bach: So you see Kurosaki Ichigo, under such circumstances is it not understandable for them to admit defeat and beg for mercy?

He doesnít seem to make any move or apply any pressure but Halibel seems to jerk down to kneel by his side on one knee.

Bach: After all, as the shinigami can attest to, a life of service is not a life wasted.

Bach turns around and begins to walk away whilst at the same time Halibel rises to stand back up. As bach walks a few dozen yards 6 people appear lined up before him. They wear long white cloaks that completely cover them, the collers of which are high enough to hide most of their faces. They are quite distinctly Quincies and all give of an air of being strong.

Bach turns around in front of them to look back at Ichigo and grins widely.

Bach: Iím afraid I shall have to leave you hear to play for now, have as much fun as you can until I return.

Behind the 6 Quincy the shadows split creating a portal and slowly stretch forward to envelop them.

Zaraki: Where the hell do you think youíre going!!!

Off to left side you see Zaraki flying down towards the last Quincy in line his sword raised to strike. The Quincies eyes move to watch Zaraki but he makes no other movements. Just as Zaraki reaches him and is about to slash down a massive arrow shoots down from above and strikes him taking him crashing down into the ground where it explodes. Bach grins but says nothing as the shadows envelop him and the other Quincies until they finally disappear.

Scene changes to somewhere in Soul Society

You see the Sternritter Mazrim, who stole Hitsugayaís bankai standing in wide open area. Zenmaru appears a little distance away with his sword already drawn. He looks angry as he approaches Mazrim.

Zenmaru: I finally get to take out you scum, you should have just remained hidden in the shadows.

Mazrim gazes at him dispassionately but makes no moves.

Mazrim: All things eventually crave the lightÖeven the shadows.

Scene change to elsewhere in Soul Society.

The area is littered with the rubble of destroyed buildings but is mostly clear. Isshin and Voldo are battling together. Voldo seems to have excessively long and narrow fingers which is he is using as blades to attack. Isshin is grinning and laughing whilst Voldo is silent. Neither seems to be excessively pushing the other or being pushed themselves.

Isshin: oho, not bad not bad at all. But surely you can do better than that.
Isshin: It seems like youíre the strong silent typeÖbut you donít seem all that strong to me.

Suddenly to one side another Voldo appears and strikes down towards Isshin as heís jumping back. Isshin is surprised as the blade comes down but he manages to grab Voldoís hand by the wrist and diverting the attack away from his body whilst deflecting the attack of the oncoming one with his sword. He flash steps a dozen yards away from both of them creating some space.

Isshin: phew well that was unexpected. But an extra bunshin isnít going to help if thatís all you can do.

The second voldo that appeared moves to flank Isshin from one side at the same time two other Bunshins appear now surrounding him from all four sides.

Isshin: hey now wait a minute, four is a little unfair donít-

All four Voldoís start shooting hundreds of arrows towards Isshin.

Scene change to elsewhere in Soul Society.

Sternritter Darius is half sitting, half lounging on the remaining foundations of a destroyed building. He is twirling his medallion on his finger in front of him. Around him the countless blades of Senbonzkura Kageyoshi sweep this way as that way, as if petals at the whim of the wind.

Ginrei appears a short distance away and observes Darius without saying anything.

Darius: Ah, finally arrived. If you wouldnít mind could we wait a little while before we start fighting? I find watching these blades very relaxing.

Ginrei stares at him for a few more moments before turning his back on Darius and walking away.

Ginrei: Iím afraid you are mistaken
Ginrei: it is not I that you will be facing.

Byakuya appears just behind Ginrei, he sees Senbonzakura gusting in the wind and his face immediately swells with anger. Ginrei keeps walking away without turning back.

Ginrei: And Iím afraid that he is no mood for waiting.

Scene changes back to Isshin

The area is filled with thick dust obscuring the air, almost nothing can bee seen. Isshin is lying flat on the ground, face up, as arrows shoot past or strike around him. Occasionally he shifts slightly this way or that to dodge an arrow that was about to hit him.

Isshin: (I suppose I had better finish this, no point in dragging it out any longer)

Suddenly the arrows all stop and silence fills the air. Isshinís face fills in confusion at the sudden change. A voice is heard in the silence.

Voldo: Jakuho Raikoben!
Ishhin: (?!!!)

Outside of the smoke you see Voldo aiming the missile down his arm, he lines it up and fires. The missile shoots off disappearing into the dust, a second later an explosion covers the entire area obliterating everything from view.

Scene change to elsewhere in Soul Society

Sternritter Bambietta paces back forth in front of the ruins of a destroyed building. She looks extremely agitated as she paces. Every time she turns to pace back she stamps down on a piece of rubble smashing it to dust.

Wairudo appears a few dozen yards in front of her. Bambietta turns to look at him.

Bambietta: Well itís about bloody well time! What the hell took you so long?! Do you know how long Iíve been waiting?!!
Bambietta: pfft, now I canít even enjoy the fight, the others have already started theirs ages ago. Iíve gotta finish this quick so I can go and get Logainís medallion before one of the other losers gets their first.

Bambietta pulls out her medallion and holds it out ahead of her and smiles.

Bambietta: No time left for regrets now, Iím finishing this with one strike. *Kokujo Tengen Myo*!

The giant samurai rises behind her making the ground shake as it moves.

Bambietta: Game over.

Wairudo goes from his standing pose to a low down attacking crouch in an instant, his hand holding the hilt of his sheathed sword. His sheathe glows for a moment and then goes back to normal.


Bambietta has a surprised look on her face as a drop of blood trickles down her forehead and onto her nose. As she notices the blood you can see the surprise turning into fear and despair as her eyes well up.
Wairudo slowly rises and goes back to his normal standing posture now blocking Bambietta from view just as Kokujo Tengen Myo splits in half and comes crashing down on either side of him.

Wairudo: Out of respect for your last request, One strike.

Next Week: Bleach 532
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