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Re: Games and all things related

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
Or, instead of just map size differences, you could play them in order because of the story. But who cares about trivial stuff like plot.
Well, seeing how the f'n plot is the same for Asylum and City (interchange character A for character J and what not) that's why. This is why Origins is getting a lot of negative publicity if you will. From what I've read, the "saving grace" for Origins is that Joker isn't the final villian of the "original" gameplay, where Joker is for both Asylum and City. Not to mention, that in Asylum, you can complete all side missions before finally battling the Joker, but in City, you're only at around 75% gameplay completion if you're looking at all side missions before defeating the Joker. It actually takes away from the final cut-scene with Batman, Joker, and Gordon.
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